Williams-Sausage Company

Best Royal takes pride in its top achievements and performance in the field of domestic employment-immigration in the USA.
He boasted a modest operation through which he sold small amounts of sausage to a handful of individuals and families. Flash forward more than half a century, though, and Williams Sausage has become a multi-million dollar company whose products are consumed in nearly 40 states spanning across the country.

Williams Sausage Company Visitation

Maximize productivity by minimizing manual labor due to facility automation, there was no difficulty in working due to hygienic working environment. Above all, providing hospital insurance to the entire family after the probation period of 60 days was a great advantage for new immigrants. Based on five(5) working days a week, national holidays such as New Year, Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are treated as paid holidays. Depending on the number of years of employment you will receive paid vacation of 1 week, 2 weeks, and 3 weeks guaranteed. There are also credit unions that allow workers to benefit from many different banking services. After one(1) year of working, the pension system of 401K is also supported. Can save up to 5% of your wages for 401K, company match 100% up to 3% and 50% match up with the remaining 2% of your savings.

– Company Products : Pork Sausage, Bacon, Prepared Foods
– Establishment : 1958
– No. of Employee : 550
– Hour/Wage : $8.80/Kr ~$11.75/Hr
– Benefits : Worker’s comp, Medical Insurance, 401K, Life Insurance, Paid Holiday
– Homepage : www. Williams-sausage.com

– Compnay Products Catfish Fillet, Miscut, Nugget
– Established 1954
– No. of Employee 130
– Homepage : www. Haringcatfish.com
– Hour/Wage : $7.50/Hr. ~$7.85/Hr
– Benefits ; Worker’s comp, Medical Insurance, Paid Holiday

– Company Products Catfish Feillet, Miscut, Nugget
– Established 1991
– No. of Employee 200+
– Homepage : www.harvestselect.com
– Hour/Wage $7.35/Hr ~$7.50/Hr
– Benefits Worker’s Comp., Medical Insurance, Paid Holiday